Introducing service & digitalization to Cyprus accounting and legal services!

Introducing service & digitalization to Cyprus finance!

Cyprus accounting & legal services
Digital setup equals faster management and lower fees

Up until now Cyprus accounting and company management has been stuck in the 20th century. We'll find the best provider for you and give you a proper digital setup.

Working with local accountants or lawyers can be quite difficult in Cyprus for foreign companies. We know this - and this is why we have created Hügge Consult.

We have built a network of local partners with excellent services and very competitive pricing... and simply added a layer of awesome service to the equation.

You get an advisor at Hügge as your trusted partner for your Cyprus setup who deals with accounting and/or legal matters on your behalf while you focus on running your company. 

Now you might be thinking that sounds like an added expense - but as we are saving time for the service providers and optimizing procedures we are more than competitive on the market.

Cyprus incorporation

You get an online platform to keep track of your Cyprus company

Accounting in Cyprus

We deal with the bureaucracy so you don't have to

Pro-active accounting in Cyprus

We give you pro-active advice and come to you when needed

Cyprus company setup

We adapt to your procedures and understand your business

This is how we roll
Your company your choice

Whatever ERP or accounting software you prefer works for us. If we don't know it we will learn!

Price indication

You're probably looking for

Pricing is very much dependent on your requirements but here is a few examples from our previous solutions in cooperation with local service providers.

1st consultation


At Hügge Space in Paphos
... or an online talk.

Whether you simply need some quick advice or you need to discuss a unique setup for your company - you'll never receive an invoice from us.

Reach out whenever you are ready.

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Including everything you'll need for a standard limited company setup.

  •  Company Registration Application
  •  Preparation of Documents
  • VAT and Tax Registration
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Quarterly accounting fees from


Per quarter for a dormant company and low fees for our transaction bundles.

  • Up to 50 transactions - 125 €
  • 50 to 100 transactions - 225 €
  • 100 to 200 transactions - 315 €
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All prices are excluding VAT
Why only price indication?
Hügge Consult review
The best full service provider for incorporation, accounting and legal service. After 1,5 years I changed my provider to Hügge Consult. They totaly understand their business and help you in every way. The price is super affordable. Just an amazing service!
- Jacob Stark
Are you ready for this?

A partnership with us is about more than accounting services or legal advice. We want to know your business and help you exceed any way we can.

1st meeting is free!

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