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Virtual Office in Cyprus

A legal and EU compliant setup

When setting up a Cypriot company the most important prerequisite for the formation of a company and for tax recognition is the existence of a permanent establishment in Cyprus. If there is no permanent establishment in Cyprus, no business expenses will be recognized when invoicing customers.

When you have a company you need an official address for your business. And depending on the nature of your company and your company setup a legal setup requires a certain amount of substance for your company.

This is very possible with Hügge Consult as we also operate the coolest coworking space in Cyprus with both regular office space and private serviced offices - Hügge Space

Here you get actual office space that you can use when you are in Cyprus along with other required substances like a sign by the door and of course also virtual services as mail forwarding service.

Business address and virtual office setup at Hügge Consult is € 1.500 + VAT per year.

Business address

Mail Handling

Company sign

Real office space

What is different about our virtual address solution?

With our service you get an actual business address and working location. Unlike most Virtual Office Solutions where you get only the right to use the address, we offer a full business solution that allows you to use the working space when you're in Cyprus whether that is 60 days, which is the minimum non-Dom status requirement, or full year-round 365 days.

Why use a business address solution?

If you plan on residing in Cyprus all year-round with the occasional travelling, then it might make sense to use your home address as the business address. However, if you plan on travelling, our recommendation is to use a registered business address. The reason behind this is you might receive an official letter or notice for inspection and if you miss it you might get fined or worse.

The benefit of using our coworking space, allows you to escape or occasionally change your work area so that you dont feel confined at home all the time. The community events at Hugge coworking are also a big plus.

Additional benefits include that if a client googles you, he will see that your business based in an actual workspace building and not in a residential property.

What does our business address package include?

  1. A local address for your company in Cyprus.
  2. A rental agreement for your banking setup and other official use cases.
  3. Mailing forwarding service.
  4. A sign by the entrance of the building.
  5. An actual office space with super high internet speed that you can use when you are in Cyprus - incl. coffee, tea and water, 6. Access to a huge variety of events and activities when you are in Cyprus.
Virtual office in Cyprus

Open office space

When you are in Cyprus anyway why not join the best expat community
Virtual office in Cyprus

3 floors of options

Whether you prefer sitting in quiet area or having the buzz of people around you
Virtual office in Cyprus

Weekly events

Always something happening at Hügge
Virtual office in Cyprus

Meeting rooms

If you need privacy for a meeting we have that too

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