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We want to put as much information online as possible and whenever we get multiple questions of similar character we will add it here for everybody.

Why should I use Hügge Consult?

If you already have a company based in Cyprus you probably know about the lack of transparency and communication with your service providers. And if you are currently browsing pricing and services for accounting or legal advice you have most likely seen very different numbers by now.

Hügge Consult is here to make it easy and fair for you. Simply to make sure you get the 'local' price and at the same time a professional and international service.

How is the price still low with your service added?

It's a numbers game, really. If you are booking a hotel room for yourself you get the standard price but if you book 50 rooms for you and your friends you'll likely get a serious discount. Same goes for all businesses.

And in addition to that we are not only saving time for our clients - we are also optimizing procedures and saving time for the accountants and lawyers we partnered with - and time is money.

But you should never take anyone's word for it. Research the market alongside the quote you get from us and then decide.

What exactly can you do for me?

We are your link between your company and your accountant or lawyer. But we work for you.

Your standard accountant in Cyprus will set up your company and bill you every month or every quarter - that's it. We actually want to help you and your business pro-actively. Meaning if we see an opportunity to optimize your company or personal setup we advise you in that regard - we never stay dormant or satisfied and act merely as a bill collector for the government.

Going forward we can also offer digital solutions for your company management - we expect first rollout in summer 2022.

Are you ready for this?

A partnership with us is about more than accounting services or legal advice. We want to know your business and help you exceed any way we can.

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