We got tired of old fashioned accountants in Cyprus and decided to do something about it ...

Now - we only work with accountants and lawyers that understand technology, think ahead and genuinely look after your business.

Our partners understand that your business is what matters and that proactive support for busy entrepreneurs is the key to a succesful partnership.

With that foundation in place we can look into intelligent accounting services, bookkeeping automation and other measures that will bring accounting and legal services up to speed with the rest of the digital world.

Not satisfied with your current accountant?

Does it take forever to get an answer? Are there unexpected fees and a lot of paperwork? Do mistakes and missed deadlines result in fines? This is not the way an outsourced accountant should be.

We do bookkeeping differently

We take care of the paperwork, send reminders and give active advice. All our prices are transparent, so there are no extra costs out of the blue.

Problem-free reliable bookkeeping

Capture and send invoices and receipts - we assign categories and accounts and link them to transactions. We store all files neatly, so missing documents are easy to identify.

Proactively assisting your business

Our team is responsible to file before deadlines, suggest tax exemptions and prepare reports. We usually respond on the same business day.

We take over the management routine

We avoid phone calls and office visits. We prefer online communication, unless customers prefer something else. We receive and send documents, ask questions or pursue tasks without you having to be in Cyprus.

Are you ready for this?

A partnership with us is about more than accounting services or legal advice. We want to know your business and help you exceed any way we can.

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