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The story of Hügge Consult

We are coworking geeks - running an awesome coworking space called Hügge Space.

The coworking space opened in 2017 and from the very beginning we had members asking for advice on incorporation, accounting and legal services for their business in Cyprus. That led us to investigate the market and find the right service providers for our members and a few years later we had helped more than 50 members set up and run their companies here in the sun.

In the beginning this was just an extra service we did for our great members alongside all the other stuff we do to create a cool place for people to be together in. But we realized that a lot of entrepreneurs coming to Cyprus don't get proper advice on their setup and end up with the wrong and often overpriced partners for their business - so we now started Hügge Consult in an attempt to guide more entrepreneurs in the right direction from the beginning.

The digital Cyprus
... is not very digital. We already knew the government procedures were and is hopelessly outdated in Cyprus. But in our search for digital-minded accountants and legal service providers it became clear to us that these business haven't moved much forward in the last 30 years compared with the rest of the digital world out there and we wanted to find a way to solve that.

First step was to find all the right partners. People with entreprenural mindsets looking to optimize the processes and move forward. This is where we are now.

But we don't want Hügge Consult to be just a helpful link between companies and service providers - we are working on the next phase of digitalizing the heck out of the Cyprus financial sector. It will take time for sure as the infrastructure is terrible but we'll get there and we will continuously roll out improvements until our clients can run their business 100 % digital.

In the meantime our job is to make sure our clients experience as little of the paper bureaucracy as possible.

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