Relocating to Cyprus

We get a lot of questions about life in Cyprus. Everything from cost of living to choice of school. While it is difficult to provide one final answer for this we have put together a list of examples that might help you.

As we are based in Paphos this list is based on the pricing we know here. Larnaca is very similar to Paphos and Limassol is quite a lot more expensive.

Accommodation in Paphos
Prices will vary depending on area and quality but expect something like this:

  • 1 bedroom apartment - 350 to 450 EUR
  • 2 bedroom apartment - 450 to 700 EUR
  • 3 bedroom apartment - 550 to 800 EUR
  • 3 bedroom villa - 750 to 1000 EUR
  • 3 bedroom villa with pool - 850 to 1500 EUR

Cost of living
You can live really cheap in Paphos but you can also highroll it.

In supermarkets you’ll find cheap local and in-season vegetables and very cheap pork. Non-local vegetables, chicken and beef prices are similar to Northern Europe levels.

Local kebab houses you can eat for 3.50 - 5.00 EUR per person and international restaurants you can dine for 10.00 - 15.00 EUR most places.

Public schools are free in Cyprus. Private schools are roughly 500.00 EUR per month.

So how much do you need to live in Cyprus?

For a ‘normal’ life eating out a few times a week we usually tell people you need a minimum monthly salary of 1500 EUR. That will be enough for most people to enjoy their time in Paphos.

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